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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, precision in forecasting and operational efficiency are paramount. However, the reality for many organizations is far from this ideal. A striking 93% of sales and operations leaders cannot accurately forecast quantity and revenue within a 5% margin of error as the quarter’s end approaches. This forecasting challenge is exacerbated by sales teams dedicating an average of 2.5 hours each week to forecasting tasks, only to yield predictions with less than 75% accuracy. Moreover, businesses face additional financial strain from inefficient integration processes, with companies reporting up to 30% of their operational budget wasted on manual data entry and correcting integration errors, according to industry insights.

Revecast Solutions: Bridging the Gap with Precision and Efficiency

Revecast Solutions addresses these critical pain points head-on, offering a dual approach with Revecast Forecasting and Revecast Connect. Our integrated solution not only enhances forecasting accuracy but also streamlines your entire operational framework, leading to significant cost savings and productivity gains.


Say goodbye to the hidden costs of manual integration efforts. Our platform automates & optimizes the flow of data across your systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry errors. Businesses leveraging Revecast report up to a 40% reduction in operational costs related to data management & integration.


Revecast Forecasting utilizes advanced AI to automate the creation of order & revenue schedules, allowing for manual adjustments and automatically updating forecasts as actual results come in. This reduces the time spent on forecasting activities while significantly improving accuracy.


By automating forecasting and integration processes, Revecast not only saves your teams countless hours but also frees them to focus on strategic initiatives that drive revenue growth. The efficiency gained translates directly into competitive advantage and bottom-line results.

Ensuring Your Business Enjoys Operational Benefits & Significant Annual Savings


Operational Costs: Streamline your workflows and eliminate redundant processes, saving your enterprise millions in annual operational expenses


IT Engineering Costs: Reduce the need for custom development & maintenance with our no-code integration platform, cutting down on IT costs significantly.


Data Management: Enhance data accuracy and reduce errors, minimizing the expenses associated with data cleanup and manual entry.

Propel your Business Forward with Data-Driven Decisions & Streamlined Operations

Data Security Protecting Your Information

Data security and compliance are paramount. Revecast uses secure, reliable Salesforce infrastructure with industry-leading data protection and privacy. Rest assured, your data is in safe hands.

Fully Automated Forecasts

Save time and gain efficiency by performing your Sales, Revenue and Demand planning within Salesforce using fully automated bottoms-up predictive forecasts

Account Planning Strategize for Success

Revecast provides a 360-degree view of each account, enabling personalized strategy development based on actionable insights. This means opportunities are not just identified; they're created.

Support Center Ready to Assist

Choosing Revecast means gaining a partner committed to your success with comprehensive support, documentation, & access to a vibrant community of experts. With Revecast, you’re never alone on your journey to integration and forecasting excellence.

Advanced Forecasting Intelligence

Leverage Revecast to apply sophisticated analytics, transforming raw data into actionable insights for SSP determination. Our platform supports various estimation methods, from adjusted market assessments to cost-plus-margin approaches.

Cuting-Edge Anayltics Tools

Increase your success with the most configurable integration & forecasting application native to Salesforce. Go beyond standard Salesforce reporting with sophisticated Ai analytics, including trend analysis and pattern recognition to anticipate market shifts.

Propel your Business Towards Unprecedented Growth & Success

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The automated schedules are exactly what we were looking for to make this easier and less time consuming.  Your team was fantastic to work with and has been very responsive to questions.

John Mactaggart

I couldn’t imagine trying to do this without your help to make it easier and organized.

Thank you!

Joe Andrew

Integrating with Revecast Connect for our workflows has been a game-changer, it’s an essential tool that has significantly boosted our confidence in making strategic decisions.

Sophia Martinez

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